"Sailing comfortably at speed, in a light and strong vessel, with the support of foils seem like an idea whose time has come for those who are into sophisticated performance."    Dr. Joachim P. Rosler, Chief Operating Officer, World Publications, Inc. (publisher of Sailing World and Cruising World magazines)

Speed, safety and stability are critical aspects to trimaran sailors. The Catri design offers incredible improvements in these areas. The hydrofoils are designed to lift the boat up to 90% clear of the water, dramatically decreasing resistance.  Partially lifting of the boat not only increases the trimaran's capability for high speeds, but also reduces pitching and neutralizes wave motion, thus providing a smoother boat ride.  The advantages of the Catri design are even greater in rough conditions. The stabilizing affect of the aft foils makes motion nearly level while competitors are being tossed around by waves, resulting in a dramatic improvement in sailing comfort that is hard to imagine until you experience it for yourself.

Fore/aft Stability
Longitudinal stability has been maximized by designing the center of mass as far aft as possible, with a large main hull stern volume and the rear foils supporting this, full length amas, and a major contribution to stability from the forward hydrofoils. In heavy weather conditions, where other designs are at risk of burying their bows, the Aegean Catri 27 will lift the aft foils from the water, thus stopping lift, and allowing the aft distributed center of mass to act maximally in preventing nose-diving or a pitchpole. Meanwhile, the forward foil, as well as the ama's intrinsic forward buoyancy, continues to provide substantial lift, resulting in considerably more fore-aft stability than that of a traditional trimaran design.

Transverse Stability
The Catri design has a larger beam/length ratio than other trimarans of similar size, but it retains easy foldability and trailerability. The large beam enhances stability, as does the dynamic lift provided by the foil system. When underway, the foil system lifts most of the ama clear of the water so that the bottom of the ama skims the water surface, minimizing drag and leaving considerable reserve buoyancy in the ama itself.

"This boat has incredible stability and can be sailed with minimum crew in a lot of wind with no drama."  Mike Leneman, owner, Multi Marine